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Welcome to my Strat-O-Matic Baseball Website! Included in these pages is a plethora of SOM related material and information that will enhance your computer game play. All of the content is free for you to use.

Please remember that the Strat-O-Matic Game company produces our favorite games and that we should continue to help support them. This site is intended to enhance your game playing experience and in turn increase interest in SOM games.

Strat-O-Matic Ballpark Codes

Visit the Ballpark Instructions Page

All Color BPs require the SOM Color BP Key Disk (or whatever the thingie's called)

Updated Ballpark Codes for Strat-O-Matic with new codes that match our homebrewed ballparks - contributed by Ron Patalona

Team Names over the years - contributed by Ron Patalona

SOM Ballpark Codes for Strat-O-Matic

View Download Last Update Author Description
06/05/00 Len Durrant BP_002x Houston's Astrodome. Color, night and day.
10/29/01 M.L.Morgensen BP_003p California's Big A. MLM's arrested development version.
06/13/00 Len Durrant BP_004dy Boston's Fenway Park. Color, day, 3rd base view.
06/04/01 Len Durrant BP_004rc Boston's Fenway Park. Twilight, logo + a home plate view.
7/25/02 Johnny Pratt MemorialBP005day Memorial Stadium (using Atlanta's .loc file)
7/25/02 Johnny Pratt MemorialBP005night Memorial Stadium (using Atlanta's .loc file)
07/24/01 Len Durrant BP_008dc Chicago's Wrigley Field. 3:30 version
10/17/00 Len Durrant BP_008v Chicago's Wrigley Field. 1937 Bill Veeck version.
07/24/01 Len Durrant BP_009bc San Francisco's Candlestick Park. 1984-92 bleachers behind fence version
07/16/00 Jim Beauchemin & Johnny Pratt BP_009f "McCovey's Kids" a retouched photo by Jim And Johnny of Candlestick park
03/22/01 Jim Beauchemin BP_009c The retouched color version of "McCovey's Kids" Candlestick park
02/01/00 Len Durrant BP_014dx Detroit's Tiger Stadium. Color, day.
10/17/00 Len Durrant BP_017mc Milwaukee's County Stadium. Color, day, Miller behind center, home plate view.
12/11/00 Len Durrant BP_017f  Milwaukee's County Stadium. Color, day. Last season version.
7/25/02 Johnny Pratt MetropolitanBP022day Metropolitan Stadium (using Jack Murphy .loc file)
7/25/02 Johnny Pratt MetropolitanBP022night Metropolitan Stadium (using Jack Murphy .loc file)
11/11/01 Robert Allen BP_032ws Boston's Fenway Park. An alternative Williams shift version.
9/27/02 Johnny Pratt Bp032 Fenway Stadium (old day version)
9/27/02 Johnny Pratt Bp032 Fenway Stadium (old night version)
9/27/02 Johnny Pratt Bp032 Fenway Stadium (modern day version)
9/27/02 Johnny Pratt Bp032 Fenway Stadium (modern day version)
02/07/01 Len Durrant BP 033fc Chicago's (Old) Comiskey Park. 50s day version
06/04/01 Len Durrant BP 033c Chicago's (Old) Comiskey Park. 3rd base view.
05/16/00 Len Durrant BP_033dd Chicago's (Old) Comiskey Park. Record breaking evening.
01/13/02 Len Durrant BP_033ec Chicago's Comiskey Park. Late 80s version.

Color Ballparks for SOM Minor Leagues

All Color BPs require the SOM Color BP Key Disk

Included are the eight Texas AA Stadiums that can be used when playing our hand created 2000 season.

From John Vuch - I've had to tweak the ballparks some, and a couple don't match up that well (Wichita/Shreveport), so I'm trying to find better pictures for them, but they're at least usable. For some reason, I got an error code when using them in SOM if I tried renaming them, so I ended up having to use existing "old-time" ballpark codes for the .loc files. I had to include bp###N and bp###D to get them to work (even though the pictures are the same). The codes are listed below.

Download Last Update Author Description
10/28/02 Robert Allen BP 060 - Durham Bulls Athletic Park of the International League
03/28/01 John Vuch BP 034 - El Paso #34
03/28/01 John Vuch BP 035 - Midland #35
03/28/01 John Vuch BP 036 - Round Rock #36
03/28/01 John Vuch BP 037 - San Antonio #37
03/28/01 John Vuch BP 046 - Arkansas #46
John Vuch
BP 048 - Shreveport #48
03/28/01 John Vuch BP 049 - Tulsa #49
03/28/01 John Vuch BP 050 - Wichita #50 - this one is a little too low of an angle and slightly off-center.

Color Ballparks for Various Leagues

All Color BPs require the SOM Color BP Key Disk

Download Last Update Author Description
04/27/01 Dave Finoli BP Altoona's Blair County Stadium - labeled as bp000d, must add .loc file.
07/24/01 Jamie Buyers Springfiled War Memorial Stadium - labeled as bp005d, bp005n. This is must for all you Simpsons Fans. has the stadiums dithered down to 256 colors while is in true color.
03/18/04 Jamie Buyers Southpark Stadium - labeled as bp061d.
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